Update – 600,000 on the #PeoplesVoteMarch made an impressive statement: #StopBrexit @peoplesvote_uk #London #FBPE #StopBrexit #NoBrexit #bollockstobrexit #b1310 #l2010

2018-09-14 Social Media Hotspot

In our post in the morning I wrote, today I would like to see twice as many people as last week in Berlin on the march #unteilbar against racism and discrimination (240,000 participants). For me, these events are two expressions of the same spirit: let us not split, but work together for a good future.

And you were more than twice as many today. What a great day for the UK. What a great day for all of us in Europe.

In the next few days, I should write a small essay on this topic from my personal point of view.


Brits to come.



Campaigning for Europe United.

SMSH 65-69

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