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Umfrage & Ergebnis / Poll & Result 60

„The British House of Commons has agreed by a majority: Prime Minister Theresa May is to renegotiate the #Brexit deal with the EU. The answer from Brussels was prompt: no.“ (ZDF)

In this nterview with ZDF heute Newsmagazine MP Ben Bradshaw talks about failed „Brexit fantasies“ and why he considers a second referendum to be urgently needed.

Dear Readers,

do you remember our contribution to People’s Vote Day on October 14, 2018?

We reported on how 700,000 people gathered in London to demonstrate for a new Brexit referendum.

Since then, a lot has happened and the danger of a chaotic Brexit threatens. In the UK, the majority of people now seem to be against leaving the EU.

And what do the Germans think about it?

The Berlin-based institute Civey has started a survey. The poll was finished on January 18th, 2019 and here are the results:

54.9 percent of the participants share the opinion that there should definitely be a second referendum, another 14.5 percent say „rather yes“ and only 17.3 percent think there shoud be no way out of Brexit.

It is not difficult to find out, that the vast majority, who voted for a second referendum, want us all to stay together in the EU.

On October 14, 2018, we wrote: „It is never too late to fight for the better“.

That is exactly how we think about it today, and our best wishes go to our friends in the United Kingdom. The massive campaign for a second chance gives us the impression that you deserve it very well to reset und remain as an indispensable part of Europe.


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